Krumlovská pohádka


Appetizers To the beer / wine

  • 200g Potato chips with dip 99,- CZK
  • 2pcs Pickled sausage with onion, bread 69,- CZK
  • 1pc Pickled camembert with onion, bread 69,- CZK


  • 0,25l Beef broth with noodles 59,- CZK
  • 0,25l By the daily offer 49,- CZK

Czech fairytale classic

  • 300g Roasted chicken with Old Bohemian stuffing, mashed potatoes with onion and bacon 169,- CZK
  • 150g Fried chicken / pork steak 129,- CZK
  • 150g Natural chicken slice 129,- CZK
  • 150g Traditional beef goulash with dumplings 159,- CZK
  • 150g Traditional „Svickova“ Beef sirloin with creamy sauce and homemade dumplings 169,- CZK
  • 150g Stuffed potato dumplings with meat, cabage 159,- CZK

A vegetarian fairytale classic

  • 150g Golden-fried cauliflower with potato-parsley puree, home-made mayonnaise 139,- CZK
  • 100g Fried cheese skewer with potatoes 139,- CZK
  • 150g Semolina mash with sugar-cocoa blanket topped with butter 59,- CZK

From a fairytale barbecue

  • 250g Pork tenderloin with grilled vegetables 299,- CZK

Pasta and salads

  • 100g Penne with chicken meat, spinach leaves and cream sauce, parmesan 159,- CZK
  • 100g Fairy tale salat – a mixture of lettuce and vegetables, olives, grilled chicken slice, parmesan, toasted herb baguette 189,- CZK

Sweet desserts

  • Old Bohemian crumbled pancake with cinnamon apples, honey and nuts 99,- CZK
  • Pancakes with blueberry topping 89,- CZK

Side dishes

  • 100g French fries 59,- CZK
  • 100g Croquettes 59,- CZK
  • 100g Rice 59,- CZK
  • 100g Potato mash 59,- CZK
  • 100g Chipped potatoes with onion 59,- CZK
  • 100g Carlsbad dumplings 59,- CZK
  • 100g Grilled vegetables 59,- CZK
  • 10g Mayonnaise 10,- CZK
  • 10g Ketchup 10,- CZK
  • 10g Mustard 10,- CZK

Dishes (beverages) may contain allergens. Information of specific allergens contained in dishes (beverages) are available on request from the service.