Krumlovská pohádka

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Krumlovská pohádka (Krumlov Fairytale) Hotel

The story of life

Long before we met, we had the same dream: a dream of having a place where we would welcome others like at home. And it’s a wonderful feeling to let that dream of thoughts and heart come to life and welcome you in it. We’ve all gotten so much in our lives just to be able to want and achieve more to respect the world. With a touch of cleverness, enthusiasm and a drop of happiness, we have struggled with adversaries so that our common dream is also here for you.
So, all our dear people …

Welcome to the story of our life, in our fulfilled dream – in the Krumlovská pohádka Hotel.

Zuzana a Ladislav

A story of ancient history

The house of the Krumlovská pohádka Hotel is located at the heart of the unique historical center of Český Krumlov. The building was originally built in the Gothic style at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, later repeatedly adjusted. Its present facade is classicist from the beginning of the 19th century. In the medallion in the middle of the facade there is a painted image depicting the holy wafer worshipping by the St. Wenceslas and another Saint. On the ground floor of the house a renaissance hall with arched vaults and painted coats of arms of Vilém and Petr Vok of Rožmberk from 1594 and later painted coats of arms of the Schwarzenbergs and Eggenberks has been preserved. When the house was repaired in 1993, a unique pavement made of beef bones was discovered in the entrance hall floor, part of which was revealed in the hotel lobby and a part is exhibited in the Regional National History Museum. In the years 1720-1725 Jan Frantisek Antonin Tschernischen, a lawyer and town scribe, lived in this house, who was famous for his uncompromising struggle for city rights against secular and ecclesiastical authorities. (Source: Archeological research of house No. 74 in Široká street).